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Letter to Henry Knox, August 8, 1794
George Washington. Letter signed: German Town, to Henry Knox, 1794 August 8. 1 p. + doc. and address leaf.

German Town Friday 8 oclock PM
8 Aug 1794

Dear Sir

Mr. Bradfords letter (which I presume you have seen, and) which was sent to me by Express, conveyed to my mind a different idea than it is now impressed with, from the Secretary of States account of the conversation he has had with Colo. Neville and Major Lenox. I concluded from the first (combined with the articles in the Morning Gazettes) that the Insurrection West of the Mountains was not only general, but that the [strike-out] Insurgents were on the point of embodying- & would receive no mission. Under these circumstances I could see no propriety in the absence of the Officers of the government nor how I could stand justified in permitting the measure. But as I do not perceive that the Accts. of the Inspector & Marshall place matters in a worse light than they stood before I consent to your pursuing your plan - & wish you a good journey & a safe & speedy return.

Yours always
Go: Washington
German Town, Near Philadelph PM
8 th [1]794
The President of the United States
[inserted diff. hand: Original No 34]

General Knox

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 33, pp. 461-2.