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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Henry Knox, February 15, 1794
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Philadelphia, to Henry Knox, 1794 Feb.15. 1 p. + address leaf.

Phila. Feby. 15th. 1794.

Dear Sir,

You mentioned in the conversations, which I have lately had with you on the subject of Mr. Jay and Mr. King’s letter to me, of the 27th. of last month, and particularly in what passed between us on Thursday, that they had repeatedly declared, that they never considered that letter, as an official one; that on the contrary they had intended it, as a mere private one; and that they did not in the most distant manner contemplate or design to give offence [sic] to me, or to wound my feelings, by the language or matter which it contains. Thursday, after repeating the foregoing, you added that those gentlemen were desirous of having a personal interview with me concerning the letter. I should therefore be glad to know, in a line by the bearer, whether I am at liberty to act on the above mentioned communications, as being made by you to me with their knowledge & approbation?

Yours always & sincerely
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General Knox.