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Letter to Gouverneur Morris, June 19, 1794
George Washington. Autographed letter signed: Baltimore, to Gouverneur Morris, 1794 June 19. 1 p.

Baltimore June 19th. 1794

My dear Sir,

The difficulty (under exsting circumstances) of knowing what to write to you, had determined me to write nothing; but to let the matter rest altogether upon the public communications from The Secretary of State.

Coming to this place, however, (on a flying trip to Mount Vernon) and finding the Vessel on which Mr. Monroe is on board had not left the River, I have so far departed from my determination as to assure you that my confidence in, and friendship & regard for you, remains undiminished.

To time, and your own observations, if you should return immediately to this country, I commit the rest; and It will be nothing new to assure you that I am always & very sincerely

Yours affectionately
Go: Washington

Govr. Morris Esqr.

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 33: 409-10.