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Letter to Oliver Wolcott, February 1, 1796
George Washington. Autograph letter signed: Philadelphia, to Oliver Wolcott, 1796 Feb. 1. 2 p.

Philadelphia 1st Feby 1796


I have been duly honored with your letter of the 21st Ulto. announcing the death of Mr. Huntington, late Governor of Connecticut.

At the same time that I regret the loss of so worthy a character, I cannot but feel consoled; that the Administration of the Government of that State has fallen into such good hands as yours. And let me pray you to accept my sincere thanks for the assurance therein given of your readiness to observe the relationship which it bears to the general Government.

I feel equally obliged by the expression of your concern for the attacks which have been made upon my Administration. If the enlightened, and virtuous part of the Communll[sic]y [Community] will make allowances for my involuntary errors, I will promise they shall have no cause to accuse me of wilful ones. Hoping [2] for the first, I feel no concern on account of the latter.

Your Son, as far as my knowledge of him extends, is a very deserving character. He discharges the duties of his Office with integrity and ability; and, I am persuaded may bid defrance[sic] to all those who seem to be continually on the lookout for occasions (without being at the trouble to investigate facts) to arraign the conduct of public Officers.

With great esteem & respect
I am Sir
Yr. Obedt Hble Servt
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The Hon[ora]ble Oliver Wolcott

Notes: Unpublished. Wolcott led troops from 1776 onward, against General John Burgoyne.