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  Letter to the General Officers of the Army, October 26, 1777
TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.022
George Washington. Circular signed: Head Quarters, to the General Officers of the Army, 1777 October 26. 2 p.

Head Quarters 26th Octobor. 1777.


You will, very shortly, be called to a council of War, when your sentiments on the following questions will be asked –

1st Whether it will be prudent in our present circumstances, and Strength, to attempt by a *?* General Attack, to dislodge the Enemy; & if it is, and we unsuccessful, where we shall retreat to?–

2.d If such an attack should not be thought eligible, what general disposition of the Army had best take place till the weather forces us from the Field?–

3 – Where and in what manner supposing the Enemy to keep possession of Philadelphia, had the Continental Troops best be Cantoned after they can no longer keep the Field? What measures can be adopted to cover the Country near the City, and prevent the Enemy from drawing Supplies therefrom during the Winter?–

5th Will the Office of Inspector General to our Army, for the purpose principally, of establishing one uniform set of Manoeuvres, and Manual, be advisable as the time of the Adjutant General seems to be totally engaged with other business?–

6th Should Regimental promotions extend only to Captains Inclusively, or to that of the Majority –?

7th Will it be consistent with propriety and good policy to allow Soldiers the reward offered to others for apprehending Deserters?–

8th The Commissaries Complaining of the number, and the disproportion of the Ration’s which are [2] Issued to the Troops and at the same time of the advanced price of all kinds of Spirits, owing to the Imposition of the Sutlers upon the Soldiery what regulation, & Remedy can be applied to rectify the one, and prevent the Other?

I am Sir Your Most Obed. Servt.
Go: Washington
Br Genl Knox

Notes: Published in Fitzpatrick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 9: 441-42.