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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter to Bryan Fairfax, September 25, 1777


George Washington.  Autograph letter signed: Camp near Pottsgrove, to Bryan Fairfax, 1777 Sept. 25.  2 p. + address leaf.


Camp near Pottsgrove

Septr 25 1777.


Dear Sir,


Despairing of seeing the bearer again, I wrote an answer to your favour from the Conestoga Waggon (without date) yesterday; and put it into the hands of a Man who faithfully promised to deliver it – since w[h]en your own Messenger has called upon me, & that you may have two chances of getting my passport to the Camp, you will receive one under this cover.


In my Letter of yesterday I assurd you, and assurd you with truth, that the difference in our political Sentiments had made no change in my friendship for you.  I esteem, and revere, every man who acts from principle as I am persuaded you do; and shall ever contribute my aid to facilitate any Inclination you [2] may wish to endulge, as I am satisfied that that honr. which I have ever found you scrupulously observant of, will never be departed from.  I shall add no more, because in the first place, I have very little leizure, & on the next, because I conceive it unnecessary to multiply words to prove that with sincere regard


I am D[ea]r Sir

Y[ou]r Most Obed[ien]t & Aff[ectionat]e

Go: Washington


[Address leaf:]

For Bryan Fairfax Esqr.

At Colo. Thompsons at the Conestoga Waggon



Sepr. 1777

Contains a Passport to Travel to the Camp



Notes:  Unpublished.  Bryan Fairfax was Washington’s life-long friend.  He supported anti-British sentiment in 1774 because he opposed the use of force in resisting the crown.