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  Letter to Anthony Wayne, November 25, 1778
George Washington. Letter signed: Head Quarters, to Anthony Wayne, 1778 Nov. 25. 2 p.

Head Quarters 25th Novemr. 1778

Dear Sir

You will be pleased to detach a Captain two Subs and Fifty Men who are to lay at Robinson Mitts near Mahopack Pond till the Rear of the Pennsylvania Troops are about passing the North River, they are then to follow and join their respecting Corps. The intention of this party is to prevent any of the Convention Troops, under presance [sic] of desertion, from passing that way to New York. The Captain will detach a Subaltern and fifteen Men to Isaac Beddecs about half a Mile from Robinson Mills, at the coming in of another Road, for the same purpose. The party of Fifty to be furnished with Six days provision.

The Virginia Troops will be upon their march from West Point to pass at King’s Ferry also; therefore in order to avoid crossing their line of march, you are not to advance beyond John Jones’s on the Road between the Continental Village and King’s Ferry untill [sic] their Rear is in your Front. You will then pass the River as soon after them as possible and continue your march to Middle Brook.

I would wish you to take all possible [2] care to prevent the troops from burning Fences or from committing any kind of waste upon the property of the inhabitants during their march.

I am Dear Sir
Your most ob[edien]t Serv[an]t
Go: Washington
Genl. Wayne.

On Public Service
To Brigr. Genl. Wayne
On his march to
King’s Ferry

Go: Washington
( Washington’s Signature )

Notes: Fitzpatrick. Writings of Washington. 13: 325-326