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Letter to George Baylor, September 22, 1778


George Washington.  Letter signed:  Head Quarters, to Colonel George Baylor, 1778 September 22. 1p.


Head Quarters 22d <Sept> 1778


Dear Sir.


Your letter of the 20th Inst I had the pleasure of receiving yesterday.


I would wish you to ascertain with as much precision as possible the number of troops that imbark, and the time of their departure from New York, with what other circumstances can be gained respecting them.  For this purpose you will use every means in your power, and transmit the result of the inquiry to me with all expedition.


I am Sir
Your most obt. Servt.
Go: Washington


P.S.  You will keep a careful and constant look out on the North River, and should you observe any number of transports in motion [inserted: this way] you will give the earliest notice possible to the commander at West Point.


Colonel Baylor



Notes:  Published in Fitzgerald, John C.  The Writings of George Washington.  vol. 12:  480-481.