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Letter to Caesar Rodney, August 26, 1779

George Washington. Circular letter signed: West Point, to Caesar Rodney, 1779 August 26. 2 p. + addr. + enclosure

Head Quarters West
Point Augst. 26th. 1779


I have the honor to inclose your Excellency a list of Sundry Officers belonging to your State who have been in captivity and are reported by the Commissary of Prisoners as violators of parole. A conduct of this kind so ignominious to the individuals themselves so dishonorable to their country & to the service in which they have been engaged – and so injurious to those Gentlemen who were associated with them in misfortune, but preserved their honor – demands that every measure should be taken to deprive them of the benefit of their delinquency and to compel their return. We have pledged ourselves to the enemy to do every thing in our power for this purpose and in consequence I directed Mr. Beatty Commissary of Prisoners to issue the summons, which you will probably have seen in the public papers. But as it is likely to have a very partial operation, I find it necessary in aid of it to request the interposition of the executive powers of the different States to enforce a compliance. Most of these persons never having been and none of them now being in Continental [inserted: service] , military authority will hardly be sufficient to oblige them to leave their places of residence and return to captivity against their inclination: Neither will it be difficult for them to elude a military search & keep themselves in concealment. – I must therefore intreat that your Excellency will be pleased to take such measures as shall appear to you [2] proper and effectual to produce their immediate return. This will be rendering an essential service to our Officers in general, in captivity, will tend much to remove the difficulties which now lie, in the way of exchanges, and to discourage the practice of violating paroles in future.

I have the honor to be
With the greatest respect
& esteem
Your Excellency’s
Most Obet, hum: Servt
Go: Washington
His Excellency
Governor Rodney.

List of American Officers Prisoners who have Violated their Paroles belonging to the State of Deleware.

Rank & Names County State

Capt. Lt. Jonathn. Bruvor Newcastle Deleware
[struck: Lt. Jonathan Kearny] [struck: do]

[address] Wilmington public Service. His Excellency Caesar Rodney Esqr Govenor of the State of Deleware.
Letter from
Go: Washington Augt. 1779

[overleaf] to be unanswered . 26.1779. West Point