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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Authorization to Release William Lee, October 20, 1779
George Washington. Endorsement signed: authorization to release William Lee,1779 October 20. 1 p.

State of Massachusetts Bay - 
Council Chamber Septr. 13th: 1779 -
On the Petition of William Lee -

Ordered that the prayer of his petition be so far granted that the Petitioner be and he hereby is permitted to depart this State & proceed to the Head Quarters of his Excellency General Washington in the State of New York & waite his Excellencys further Orders & Capt. Alexander Dickey - Dc Continental Commissary of Prisoners being directed to discharge the said William Lee from his Parole for the purpose aforesaid - 

True Copy Attest }
John Avery D Secy

[inserted - Washington's hand:
The bearer Wm. Lee Esqr. a native of Virginia, was, to my knowledge, sent young to England for his education; & returning to his Estate in that Commonwealth with ample testimonials thereof to me, is at full liberty to pursue his journey.

Go: Washington
West point Octr. 20th. 1779]

Genl. Washingtons