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Letter from Henry Knox, June 8, 1781

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.06.040
Henry Knox. Autograph letter draft: New Windsor, to George Washington, 1781 June 8. 2 p. + doc.

New Windsor 8th June 1781

[inserted - different hand: H.K. to Washington]

[struck: I this] I received your Excellncys favor of this day enclosing Genl Cornells letter of the 24th ultimo informing of the quantity of lead & Cartridges which may be expected from Boston and Providence, and of the request of the State of New Jersey for Ammunition. It appears from General Cornells letter that the [struck: State &] prospects [inserted: of addition to your start] are [struck: so] moderate, and the demands from the southward and westward so great as to claim the utmost oeconemy [inserted: if the quanty prove possession] [struck: relient <?>] [struck: Your] [inserted: If your] Excellency [inserted: should] think [struck: the State] proper the State of New Jersey might receive at <?> 15 or 20,000 at most. There are at that place under the charge of [inserted: the] <?> [inserted: Eagers] about 60,000 which were the spare [struck: Hires] [inserted: <?>] of the Pennsylvanian line and which I have directed to be brought [strike-out] to this placce as soon as [strike-out] <?> can be procurd for that purpose –

In consultng with General Duportail on the subject of the operations [2] in contemplation he conceived [struck: the plat] the [strike-out] the platforms to be within the line of his duty, and he informed he should apply to the QMGeneral for [struck: their] to procure them but I am not able to say how far he has proceeded – We are sawing timber for the Carriages at Belknops mills [struck: but for] and hope to be able to procure a sufficiency [struck: for that purpose but it] [inserted: soon]

I have the honor to be
with the utmost Respect Your
Excellency most obedient

His Excellency General Washington

To his Excelcy Genl
Washington 8th June