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  Letter to Henry Knox, August 17, 1782
TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.53.007
George Washington. Letter: Head Quarters, to Major General Henry Konx, 1782 August 17. 2 p. + doc.

Head Quarters 17th August 1782

[inserted- different hand: Washington]

Dear Sir

Annexed you have extracts from a letter of the 12th:, from the Secretary at War, relating to the proposed arrangement of the office of Field Commissary of Military Stores. It being a matter intimately connected with your department, I would be glad of your opinion, and that as early as possible, that I may frame my answer without loss of time.

That we may make a regulation; as nearly as may be, consonant to the wishes and opinions of the [struck: General Officers], [inserted: Brigadiers and officers commanding Brigades] keeping in view what seems now the grand object – Œconomy- it might be well for you to consult them after you have digested your own thoughts upon the matter-

I am Dear Sir
Yr most obedt. Servt.

Major Genl Knox

Extract. “I should be happy to have your Ideas of the number of persons to be employed in the department of Field Commisary of Military Stores. If I remember right, it was your Excellency’s opinion that the conductors to Brigades might be dispensed with, and that the care of the Stores might safely be committed to [2] the Brigade Quarter Masters, as also the travelling Forge and Armourers.

I take the liberty to submit to your Excellency the following plan for the Field Commissary’s department –
A Field Commissary and two Main Army
Conductors or Clerks.
A D.y [struck: Field] Commissary and So. Army.
Two Conductors or Clerks.
A Conductor at Fort Pitt.

[docket] From his Excellecy Genl Washington 17 Augt 1782
[inserted- different hand: Signature Purloined – No 56 – ]

Notes: Published in Fitzpartick, John C. The Writings of George Washington. v. 25, pp 29-30. Signature removed