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Letter from Henry Knox, December 17, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.10.150
Henry Knox. Letter fragment: West Point, to George Washington, 1782 December 17. 1p. + docket.

West Point Dec 17 1782

[inserted - different hand: To Genl Washington]

My Dear General.

last evening I received your Excellencys favor respecting a sleigh, and inclosing the paroles and <?> on the 22d instant. The sleigh shall be put in train immediately and finished with all possible expedition. The painting I am apprehensive, will take the most time. From enquiry it appears that the most approved method of making the sliders, is to have them about <loss> inches curved in the whole length, a greater <loss> would render the riding unpleasant [strike-out] <?> there any roughness in the road, as the joltings, would be more, posibly experienced, than when the curve is small, and extended the [struck: whole] length of the runner – I think, if the holes covered, with apainted canvass, in the manor of your Excellencys barges, with haize curtains it would be [inserted: to keep of the wind] a considerable addition, [strike-out] If your Excellency should be of the same opinion we can [struck: act easily] easily put on the canvas tops here, and so a piece <?> for the <?>

To his Excellcy General
Washington. 17 Decr 1782