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Letter from Henry Knox, Novebmer 9, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.10.091
Henry Knox. Letter copy: West Point, to George Washington, 1782 November 09. 2 p. + doc.

West point 9 Novr 1782

[inserted - different hand: To W -]


I beg leave to state to your Excellency the case of Charles Treat, and Aaron Swetton. These persons were originally engaged as clerks in Colonel Baldwins regiment of artifices with the pay of sergants. [struck: upon the] When this regiment was reduced, and the [struck: commander] [inserted: men] transfer’d to Captain Mattens company of artillery Artifices, I directed that these two men should act as conductors, intending if they were competent to the busines to have them placed upon the establishment. They have been found upon experience, to be active & faithful and worthy of promotion, But the reduction of the Commissary of military Stores department [struck: having also been reduced] [inserted: renders] it is impossible to provide for them in that line. Had they actually received appointments of conductors they would have been discharged, but as they are held under their original enlisting I do not think myself authorized to discharge them [2] from the service. [struck: Then] Having been in [struck: a line] situation for near eighteen months, in which they have been highly entrusted, and imbibed the habits of Gentlemen they think it a great hardship to [strike-out] be obliged now to return to Pallons company especially as they are not artificers and there is no employment for them in the [inserted: absurd] capacidy in which they were enlisted. My own opinion is, that they ought to be discharged, as they were assured of promotion on their good behavior [struck: and] [inserted: and] the new arrangement of the department of military Stores is the only reason why they are not; appointed conducters – If your Excellency should be of the same opinion I hope they may receive their dischargs at Head quarters

I have the honor to
be [struck: &] with the highest respect
Your Excellency obedn’t
H Knox

His Excelly
General Washington

To His Exy Gen Washington
9 Nov. 1782.