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Letter from Henry Knox, September 10, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.09.152
Henry Knox. Letter: West point, to George Washington, 1782 September 10. 1 p. + doc.

West point 10 Septr 1782

[inserted - different hand: To Genl Washington -]

I have the unhappiness my dear General to inform you of the departure of my precious infant, your Godson. In the deep mystery in which all human events is involved the Supreme Being has been pleased to prevent his expanding innocence, ripening to such perfection as to be a blessing to his parents and connections, when by their advanced Years they may find every comfort necessary to sweeten Life rendered bitter by a thousand stings. I [struck: shall] [inserted: will] not by dwelling on my afflictions revive similar sensations in your bosom. I know its s[y]mpathy. [strike-out]

Mrs. Knox by leaning upon the great principles of reason and religion will be enabled I hope to support this repented shock to her tender affections

I am my dear sir with the utmost sincerity of affection

Your Humble Sev
H Knox

His Excellency
General Washington

to his Excellency General
Washington 10 Sept