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Letter from Henry Knox, September 11, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.09.157

Henry Knox.  Autograph letter draft signed:  Westpoint, to George Washington, 1782 September 11.  2 p. + doc.


Westpoint 11 Septr 1782.


[inserted - different hand: To W]


I cannot omit informing your Excellency of the Conduct of the Contractors in issuing  provisions to this Garrison.  It appears [struck: to me] very extraordinary and yet it has been practiced since the 20th of July [strike-out] [struck: When I was first informed of it][inserted: when I first received the information] I supposed it must have orginated in a mistake, but upon examng Mr. Forsyth the issuing commisary here, he says he the possibility of a mistake on [inserted: the] part of the contracts [inserted: is] precluded, as all his [strike-out] receipts of the deliveries [struck: since] of last month have been long since [strike-out] given to [strike-out] [inserted: them], without any intimation [strike-out] of this impropriety as it respecting the numbers and that he has acted in conformity to the enclosed orders


If there has been any alteration [struck: with the] in the contract [inserted: for this Garrison] made last Decbr, and an explanation in January it would have been proper to have communicated the matter to your Excellency [struck: whom] I have understood that the price of a ration of the moving army is greater than for Westpoint, but I do not know exactly to which I pray your Excellny [inserted: speedy] directions as I [struck: have] [inserted: shall] not ventured to [struck: conduct] take any step, without having the fullest [2] information.


I have the honor to be with
the highest respect
Your Excellencys
Obedient Serv


His Excellency General Washington



To His Exely Gen Washington
11 Sept 1782.