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Letter from Henry Knox, September 16, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.09.177

Henry Knox.  Autograph letter draft signed:  West Point, to George Washington, 1782 September 16.  2 p. + docket.


West Point 16 Septr 1782


[inserted - different hand: To W.]




I do myself the honor to enclose a representation of [strike-out] Villefranche [strike-out] Enquirer of these posts respecting the Magazine [struck: directed] [inserted: ordered] to be errected on constitution Island.  Your Excellency will observe, that it is impossible [struck: under these] in the present advanced season, with the masons only a prospect, to effect [struck: any] so much of the building as to be of any <?> If it should be continued, the labor will be lost, [struck: as] because [struck: so <?> [inserted: suffiency <?>]] [inserted: a suffiency of] strength cannot be obtained [struck: in time] [inserted: pervious to the setting in of the frost] to bring the parts that may be begun to any degree of maturity. [struck: at the <?>] The same force applied to building barracks, might under the troops intended for the Garrison this ensuing winter comfortable.  The place at present is destitute of accomodations for more than one regiment of [strike-out] Infantry and part of a regiment of artillery, [strike-out] some cover must be made for all exceeding that that number the troops suffer [strike-out] [inserted:  [strike-out]] <?> almost intollerable


[struck: This is a <?>]


The West redoubt on Constitution Island has a roof put upon it and otherways prepared as a Company <?> [2] is amply large to receive all the powder in this vincinty not [struck: placed] lodged in the respective magazines within the Walls.


[struck: The] I cannot think myself authorized, to direct Major Villefranche to desist from the Wall although I am perfectly convinced of its futility under the present circumstances, and of the inevitable necessity of erecting barracks for the Garrison but I pray your Excellency to decide as soon as possible on the matter.


I have the honor to be Sir
Your Excellns.
H Knox


His Excellency General Washington



To His Exy. Gen Washington 16 Sept. 1782.