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Letter from Henry Knox, September 22, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.10.006

Henry Knox.  Autograph letter signed:  to George Washington, 1782 September 22.  2 p.


Sep. 22. 1782


[inserted - different hand:  H.Knox to Washington]




[inserted: Yesterday] There arrived at this place twenty two women & Children, who have been sent by the Enemy from Canada to Vermont [strike-out].  The [struck: people of which] [inserted: whose inhabitants] forwarded them to Albany, assured my Lord Stirling has sent them down the Country, with a view, of them having an opportunity of going to Philadadelphia on the way to their respected homes.  These unhappy peoples, [struck: consisting entirely of women have had their] were inhabitants of the frontiers of Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Their husbands and fathers have been murder’d by the Savages and themselvs taken into captivy to Canada.  After having experienced, horrors unutterable, they are now endevoring to return to the places where they are known.  They drew provisions at Albany and I have furnished them with [strike-out] some here. [struck: I hope][inserted: I pray] your Excellency will direct the QMsrs to give them provisions to go to Philadelphia upon [inserted: return] <?> It [strike-out] I hope the [2] minister of war will take [struck: some] measures to enable them to go with [inserted: a] [strike-out] degree of comfort to the places of their destination.


I am Sir
with the highest
Your excellency
Obdnt Sert


His Excy Gen. Washington
22 Sept 1782.