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Letter from Henry Knox, September 3, 1782

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.09.125.01

Henry Knox.  Autograph letter draft: West Point, to George Washington, 1782 September 3.  2 p. + doc.


[strike-out] West point 3 September 1782


[inserted - different hand: To W - ]




I [struck: received] [inserted: have seen] your Excellencys favor of this date, directed to General McDougall and myself.  [struck: The] For my own part [inserted: I] can have no objection, to any Service your [struck: Excellency] shall think proper to employ me in, and [struck: suppose] [inserted: I] know of nothing to prevent [inserted: my] being in readiness to meet the Gentlemen [stuck: in part] from the enemy, by the 16 or 18 instant.  There will be some arrangements necessary on our side with respect to the [inserted: accomadations of the] place where we shall meet and [struck: forage, lable &c] provision, <?> forage meats &c for a table, which [struck: will] [inserted: might] be there but [strike-out] particularly [strike-out] attended to before  [struck: this next case] [inserted: the  meeting for this place]. [2] General McDougall seems to decline the commission for reasons which major Baylies will give to your Excellency, [struck: if] this [struck: should be his ultimate determination Major Baylies will take] I wish he might be prevailed upon to accept it, [struck: but if] he [struck: should not Major Baylies will much] But I am apprehensive, he will still continue of his present opinion


To His Excellency Go Washington
3 Septr 1782