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Letter from Henry Knox, April 16, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.12.095

Henry Knox.  Letter: West point, to George Washington, 1783 April 16.  2 p. + doc.


West point 16 April 1783


my Dear General


I think it necessary to inform you that there is a general uneasiness in among the Non Commissioned Officers [inserted: of the Connecticut line] grounded principally upon the inequality of rewards to the officers and soldiers They say the rewards ought to be in a strict proportion, and if the officers received a five years pay as reward for services the same rule ought to extend to them, instead of which they have only the promise of one years pay.  The matter will issue I believe in a petition to your Excellency upon the subject.  Whether the idea has originated with themselves or whether it is the suggestion of some designing person I cannot learn.  Certain it is, that the claim is new and not connected with any promise of Congress.  [strike-out] It is not [inserted: imp]probable that either claims may spring up, therefore I think the sooner we can begin to discharge the War men the better.  reasons may be given that many men would want to attend to their favour in the present [strike-out] season, and that every attention ought to be paid to men deserving so much of the [2] County and therefore that twenty or thirty from each regiment should be discharged upon such a day provided they left orders for to receive their certificates [inserted: of the pay] and the pay what may be advanced previous to the disolution of the Army, & that in these days afterwards an equal number & so on.


I am [inserted: my] Dear General
with the utmost respect
Your Humble Servt
H Knox


His Excellency General Washington


To his Excellency General
Washington.  16 April 1783