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Letter from Alexander Hamilton, April 9, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.12.084
Alexander Hamilton. Letter: Philadelphia, to George Washington, 1783 April 09. 2 p.

Philadelphia April 9th. 1783
[inserted - different hand: Washington]


Congress having appointed a Committee consisting of Messrs Maddison, Osgood, Wilson, Elsworth & myself to consider what arrangements it will be proper to adopt in the different departments with reference to a peace; I am directed by the Committee to address your Excellency on the subject of the Military department.

The Committee wish your Excellencys sentiments at large on such institutions of every kind for the interior defence of these States as may be best adopted to [struck: the] [inserted: their] circumstances, and conciliate security with œconomy and with the principles of our Governments: In this they will be glad you will take as great latitude as you may think necessary; and Will therefore assist entering into any details.

The Committee apprehend it to be the intention of Congress to lay down a general plan, to be carried into execution as circumstances will permit; and that in attending to such dispositions as the immediate situation of the Country may [2] require, they are chiefly desireous of establishing good principles, that will have a permanent salutary operation.

I have the honor to be
Alexn. Hamilton

His Excelly.
Genel. Washington