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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Letter from Henry Knox, August 15, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.13.155

Henry Knox.  Letter draft: West Point, to George Washington, 1783 August 15.  2 p. + doc.


West point 15 Augt 1783


[inserted different hand:  To W]


Enclosed is the State of the ordnance at the northern posts.  Your Excellency will be able to judge whether any can be taken from thence to be carried forward and [inserted: from] which place.


Upon a consideration of the importance of Niagra perhaps [struck: will] [insterted: it] may not be advisable to leave seven Cannon than twelve of Different sizes and six mortars and Howister [strike-out]  These would form [struck: one or] two [inserted: or three] respectable batteries, [struck: and if] and although I am unacquainted with the nature of the Grounds around the place - yet as the enemy could bring heavy Cannon with facility,  It could perhaps not only be proper but even necessary that [struck: three] that [struck: two] three or four of the Cannon  should be 101 pounders.  Probably for the same reason [struck: one or] two eighteens ought to be at Oswego.  As [struck: that] [inserted: the] heavy Cannon and stores must be forwarded from this post, the expence and trouble will be considerable, but if the measure is necessary those circumstances cannot [struck: to] have [inserted: sufficient] [strike-out]weight [2] [strike-out] to obstruct the transportation.  I will be obliged by your Excellecys directions upon the subject.


The detachment. of artillery [struck: which were] for the northern duty will want cloathing.  blankets [inserted: shoes] & ca which I hope are in the Store The Infantry will want the same.


I have the honor to be
with the highest Respect
Your Excellencys
Most Obedient


His Excellency Genl Washington


To His Excly Gen Washington
15 Aug. 1783.