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Letter from Henry Knox, August 26, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.13.177

Henry Knox.  Letter: to George Washington, 1783 August 26.  1 p. + doc.


Tuesday evening the 26th of Augt 1783


[inserted different hand:  To W.]


My Dear General.


Captain Farley has this instant arrived here [struck: he has] the Baron is at Saratoga and will be down in a few days.  [struck: Capt Farley says that] [inserted: strike-out] he has not been able to [inserted: effect] any thing with Genl Waldimand, who he met at Chambleau he would not upon any pretence admit the baron to visit the posts, nor enter into any agreement upon the subject.  he added, that if the defensive treaty was [inserted: ever] signed [strike-out] he could not relinquish the posts untill a considerable time afterwards. [inserted: In that day capt Farleys information there cannot be a possibility of <?> this fall]  Colonel Vallipancke who set out this afternoon [inserted: for <?>] from Newburgh will inform your Excellency of more particulars.  [strike-out] In this state of affairs will your Excellency think proper [strike-out] to order the detachment to proceed.  [struck: They] [inserted: The boats] will be ready on Thursday.  [struck: that is the boats]  The detachments, and artillery have been ready [strike-out] since Yesterday.  I beg your final order by the bearer.


I have the honor to be
with [inserted: the] greatest respect
your Excellys
Most obedient
H Knox


His Excellcy Genl Washington.


To his Excellency Genl Washington
26 Augt 1783