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Letter from Henry Knox, August 27, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2436.13.179
Henry Knox. Letter: West point, to George Washington, 1783 August 27. 1 p. + doc.

West point 27 Augt 1783


Last evening I wrote to your Excellency pr Express, [inserted: <?>] [strike-out] the confirmation by Captain Farley, of the ill success of [inserted: the] Barons starting Mission, [struck: and his] [inserted: by which it appears that it will be] impracticable [struck: it will be under any circumstances] to take possession of the posts [strike-out] at the Westward this Fall., [struck: and] [inserted: I] requested your final order concerning the detachment and artillery at this place [struck: who] which are prepared for that service

I am enclose the [strike-out] Weekly returns excepting [struck: those of] [inserted: the] new Hampshire [inserted: Corps] which I have not received.

I have the honor to be with
great respect
Your Excellcys
Most obedient
H Knox

His Excellcy Genl Washington

To his Excellcy Genl Washington
27 Augt 1783 –