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Letter from Henry Knox, July 14, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.13.085

Henry Knox.  Letter draft:  to George Washington, 1783 July 14.  1 p. + doc.


14 July 1783


[inserted - different hand:  To Washington]


My dear General at length I send your Excellencys sleigh.  I am ashamed to think how long the workmen have had it in hand.  The painting has taken up [struck: a long] [inserted: much] time.  The severity of the weather has been such that the oyl instead Mixing absorbed by the wood has congealed, and afterwards could not be dried in any <?> time although [struck: the] fires were made to that purpose.  [strike-out] I hope your Excellency may have many agreable jaunts [struck: in it while <?> for <?>] on the river [inserted: <?>] which from the present prospects will will sufficiently stay [struck: for that purpose]


I am with the highest degree
of respect & attachmnt your
Excellencys most obedt


14 July


His Excellency
Genl Washington
14 July 1783