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Letter from Henry Knox, June 23, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.12.171
Henry Knox. Letter draft: West point, to George Washington, 1783 June 23. 1 p. + doc.

West point 23 June 1783

[inserted – different hand: To W.]


I take the liberty just to inform your Excellcy that [inserted: the brigades of] Generals Patterson and Esscatons [struck: brigade] arrived at nine oClock at this post [inserted: as ordered] - The first [struck: and] brigade are encamped upon the plain above the red house - The 2d regiment of the 2d brigade are gone into the [strike-out] old barracks and into the barrack at Fort Clinton in battalion to camp - [inserted: the 42d are encamped upon the plain] [strike-out] It is proposed to place the [strike-out] New-Hampshire troops upon the Constitution Island. I hope this arrangement will be agreeably to your Excellcys ideas

I have the honor to be with
great respect your most Hble ser
H Knox

His Excellency
Genl Washington

To His Excy Gen Washington
23 June 1783.