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Gilder Lehrman Collection Documents
Army Discharge, June 9, 1783


George Washington. Document signed: Army discharge, 1783 June 9. 2 p. + overleaf.


Given at Head Quarters the Ninth day of June 1783


By His Excellency George Washington, Esq; General and Commander in Chief of the Forces of the United States of America.


These are to certify that the Bearer hereof Leonard Chapin Matross in the 2nd. or, New York Artilly. Regiment, having faithfully served the United States from 10th. March 1781, untill the present period and being inlisted for the War only, is hereby discharged from the American Army.


Go: Washington

By His Excelency’s


J Trumbull Secty


Registered in the Books of the Regiment,

James Bradford. Adjutant.

[2]Head Quarters, June Ninth 1783.

The within Certificate shall not avail the bearer as a discharge, until the Ratification of the definitive Treaty of Peace; previous to which Time, and until Proclamation thereof shall be made, He is to be considered as being on Furlogh.


George Washington.



Leonard Chapin

Leonard Chapin

[inserted - different hand: Leonrd to the <?> States and International Exposition by Mrs. Wm. Cummings Stony Lawrence L.I. NY]


Notes: Date originally appears at bottom of page one on document but placed at top of transcription for convention.