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Letter from Daniel Henry Knox, September 3, 1783

TRANSCRIPT GLC 2437.14.031

Henry Knox.  Letter: West Point, to George Washington, 1783 September 03.  2 p. + doc.


Westpoint 3 Septr 1783


[inserted different hand:  To W.]




I received your Excellencys favor of the 29th directing a suspension of the troops and stores destined for the western posts.  The light Infantry company which came from the lines have returned, & I directed that the clothing drawn by them and the atillery men to be redelivered to the Clothier.


There are certain french refugees in this vicinity under the direction of a Major Merlet, who have drawn about one hundred rations to pay for men women and children.  It appearing from <?> of a Mr Tabres issung <?> at their by that it <?> in consequence of your Excellencys orders, [strike-out] particularly for last month I mentioned to give the order for the present month.


Major Gibbs with the 2d Massachusetts Regiment will arrive [struck: at the] here today.  He has left more than eighty fish upon his route.  I shall send a vessel for those at Brushwick.


Enclosed are the [struck: returns] last month & returns [2] of the troops.


I have the honor to be with great
respect your Excellencys
Most obedient
H Knox


His Excellency Genl Washington


Letter to His Excellency
Genl Washington. 3d. Sept