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Mercedes Matter
In 1938, through Léger, I met my husband, photographer Herbert Matter.

The following years, as a result of the war, were lively in New York because of the influx of European artists. Contact with them was important to me and for a year, Léger shared our apartment and studio.

In 1943 we moved to California, where raising my infant son under difficult wartime circumstances curtailed my work. Back in New York in 1946, I found my friends again and a climate that was intensely stirring. During the next ten years, I showed in various group shows including the annual Stable Gallery exhibitions.

The Artist’s Club was formed, and I was the one female original member in a very male-dominated situation. However, the Club became a most unique and wonderful thing, including artists of the widest divergence: from Edwin Dickinson to Philip Guston, Bradley Tomlin to (continued)

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“The nature of painting doesn’t change because some trend wants to make it
something else. Hofmann’s theories are still relevant. ” -Mercedes Matter
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