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Mercedes Matter
Joan Mitchell with the composers and writers as much a part. The Cedar Bar during those years was perhaps the best part of my education. As de Kooning said, “Art is something you can’t talk about and you talk about forever.”

I always worked long on my paintings- months, sometimes years- and often pushed them beyond their high point into total destruction. Although I feel this took me further than if I had stopped short, it was not helpful toward productivity. In 1956 I had a one-person show at the Tanager Gallery and showed there in group shows.

In 1953, I started teaching at the Philadelphia College of Art (now called the University of the Arts), where I taught for twelve years; and at Pratt Institute for ten; also for several years at N.Y.U. I was a visiting critic at Antioch, Brandeis, Cincinnati School of Art, Kansas City Art Institute, Maryland Institute, Yale University, Skowhegan and (continued)

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“The nature of painting doesn’t change because some trend wants to make it
something else. Hofmann’s theories are still relevant. ” -Mercedes Matter
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