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Mercedes Matter
American University in Washington. In 1963 I wrote an article for Art News scathingly critical of art education in America as I had experienced it. The idea in writing about it was to get the problem off of my mind; instead, it involved me in something that had a decisive effect on my life. Inspired by my article, my students at Pratt joined with some from Philadelphia and asked me to help them make a real art school- a genuine situation in which they could actually work all day everyday, and where they could study with authentic artists. I agreed, so we made the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.

Although the faculty of the School was always diverse, there was an accord to the basic premises and processes of study from perception. There was compensation for the toll the School took on my life in that it embodied my beliefs and played a role in a New York where the art world was becoming more and more dominated (continued)

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“The nature of painting doesn’t change because some trend wants to make it
something else. Hofmann’s theories are still relevant. ” -Mercedes Matter
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