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Site Map
Home Page
In-Depth Interviews
      The Director: Gil Cates - The Source
         From Stage to Screen
         The Characters
         The Job of Directing
      The Actor: Linda Lavin - Choosing the Role
         The Source
         The Job of Acting
         Building the Character
         The Characters' Relationship
      The Actor: Samantha Mathis - The Source
         The Job of Acting
         Building the Character

        The Producer: Dennis Doty - From Stage to Screen
         The Producer's Job
         Working With PBS
Key Scene Studies
   Scene 27: "Don't reorganize my life"
   Scene 36: "It's very complicated"
On Writing
      Interview With Playwright Donald Margulies
      Delmore Schwartz and the Greenwich Village Literary Scene of the 1950s
      50s Greenwich Village
      The Writer's Rights

Production Roles
      The Writer
      The Producer
      The Director
      The Production Designer
      The Actor: Linda Lavin
      The Actor: Samantha Mathis
      The Costume Designer
      The Director of Photography
      The Gaffer
      The Makeup Artist
      The Editor
About the Show
   Synopsis & Performance History
   Air Dates
   Cast & Crew
   Site Credits
   Glossary of Production Terms



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