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Union Square in Greenwich Village, New York City

On Writing
Donald MarguliesDelmore SchwartzGreenwich VillagesWriter's Rights

Discover how Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Donald Margulies conjured two memorable characters that allowed him to tackle the themes of lost love, betrayal, aging and generation gaps.


Delmore Schwartz was rendered by Donald Margulies as a fictional lover, an important back-story figure. Find out more about the man esteemed by many as the greatest poet of his post-war New York generation.


Visit '50s Greenwich Village and two haunts where many of the leading literary lights of that era -- from Dylan Thomas to Schwartz himself -- would come to quench their thirst for drink and camaraderie: The White Horse Tavern and the San Remo Bar.


Learn more about Donald Margulies' inspiration for Collected Stories -- the legal quagmire that resulted from novelist David Leavitt's "appropriation" of parts of British writer Stephen Spender's autobiography.



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