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Film Credits 

From the Play by

Michael Frayn


Adapted and Directed by

Howard Davies


Niels Bohr

Stephen Rea

Werner Heisenberg

Daniel Craig

Margrethe Bohr

Francesca Annis


Casting Director

Janey Fothergill


Associate Producer

Eamon Fitzpatrick


Production Accountant

Josie Hadley

Asst Production Accountant

Paul Gibbs

Production Assistant

Lorraine Brown

Production Co-ordinator

Elian Strong


1st Asst Director

Martin Coates

2nd Asst Director

Lisa Marsh

3rd Asst Director

Grenville Bartlett

Script Supervisor

Judy Gayton


Location Manager

Nick Fulton

Location Asst

Adam White

Location Manager Copenhagen

Jacob Jorgensen



Vince Narduzzo

On Line Editor


Video FX

Neil Scholes

Sound Fx Editor


Dialogue Editor

Ian Wilskinson

Dubbing Mixer

Paul Hamblin


Focus Puller

Michael Green

Clapper Loarder

John Hurley

Camera Trainee

Tooni Manto

Steadicam Operators

Vince Magahon
John Taylor
Roger Tooley


Andy Hopkins

Boom Operator

David Webster


Les Mills


Christopher Day

Rigging Gaffer

John Ash


Art Director

Bill Brown

Stand By Art Director

Inger Stamp

Stand By Props

Danny Clements

Stand By Carpenter

Matthew Edgar

Dressing Props

Chris Cutler

Prop Master

Chas Johnson

Prop Buyer

Amanda Smith

Make Up Assistant

Suzy Kirkham

Costume Assistant

Sarah Moore


Production Executive BBC

Gordon Ronald


Production Executive KCET

Karen Robinson Hunte


Production Supervisor KCET

Bettina Bennewitz


Producer for KCET

Megan Callaway


Executive Producer KCET

Mary Mazur


Executive Producer BBC

Simon Curtis


Sound Recordist

Peter Brill


Make Up Designer

Daniel Phillips


Costume Designer

James Keast



Dominic Muldowney


Film Editor

Kevin Lester


Production Designer

Candida Otton


Director of Photography

Ian Wilson


Copenhagen was made
possible in part by:

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
The Ahmanson Foundation
Michael J. Connell Foundation
Lovelace Family Trust
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting


Web Site Credits 

Web Site Presented by KCET Hollywood


Vice President, New Media

Jackie Kain

Producer, New Media

Philip Dunn

Associate Producer, New Media

Jonathan Bordallo


Web Site Produced by DZAP Productions, Limited


Producer & Writer

Douglas Varchol

Research & Additional Writing

Bob Bundens

Video Editing

Douglas Varchol

Text Editing

Lauren Deutsch

Michael Frayn Videography

Michael Kurcfeld
Randall Michelson


Web Site Designed and Developed by kapow, inc.


Producer & Designer

Neal Steinberg

Associate Designer

Cory Leistikow


Ethan Goldstine
Megan Holbrook


Director/Actor Interviews produced in conjunction with BBC Fiction Lab


Director/Actor Videography

Jamie Cason


Special Thanks 

Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen, Finn Aaserud, Director and Felicity Pors for their help and patience, and for providing an English translation of an obituary of Margrethe Bohr by Danish writer Helle Bygum.

Heather Lindsay, Librarian, Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, American Institute of Physics

Megan Callaway, UK Producer, KCET-TV

Joe Corrigan, California Institute of Technology

Matthew Ford, Photographer, for production stills from the making of "Copenhagen."

Kenneth Ewing, Giles Smart, The Peters Fraser & Dunlop Group Ltd.


Source Credits 

All photographs, images, video and audio content from COPENHAGEN 2002 Community Television of Southern California and British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Downloading, copying, reproducing, duplicating, distributing, modifying, transmitting, reusing, re-posting or any use of the content herein is expressly prohibited.

All photographs, images, video and audio content from THE COPENHAGEN FALLOUT BBC MMII. All Rights Reserved. Downloading, copying, reproducing, duplicating, distributing, modifying, transmitting, reusing, re-posting or any use of the content herein is expressly prohibited.

Text excerpts in the Director's Favorite Scene and Key Scene sections from COPENHAGEN by Michael Frayn. Portions of the Timeline excerpted fromCOPENHAGEN postscript by Michael Frayn. Used by permission of the author. Copyright 1998 by Michael Frayn. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in paperback in the United Kingdom by Methuen PublishingLimited, London.

Excerpts from THE DAY AFTER TRINITY by Jon Else, courtesy of Pyramid

Portions of the Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg biographies, as well as portions of the Glossary were excerpted from supplemental material from the CD-ROM edition of THE DAY AFTER TRINITY by Jon Else, courtesy of The Voyager Company.

Book cover from BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS, A PERSONAL HISTORY OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS, Copyright (c) 1958 by Harcourt, Inc. and renewed 1986 by Mrs. M.N. Cleugh, reproduced by permission of the publisher. This material may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Book cover from HEISENBERG'S WAR: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE GERMAN BOMB by Thomas Powers, courtesy Little, Brown and Company.

New York COPENHAGEN theatrical poster courtesy of Copenhagen Company, LLC.





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