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Scene Synopsis
Filming the Science of Copenhagen
Daniel Craig as Werner Heisenberg

Scene Synopsis

Bohr, Margrethe and Heisenberg are at the dinner table reminiscing about the old days, in the 20s, when Bohr and Heisenberg did some of their best scientific work together. Bohr suddenly becomes miffed because he remembers Heisenberg sent off his uncertainty principle paper to be published before Bohr had a chance to check his mathematics.

"It was not the way we worked!" Bohr chides him. Heisenberg snaps back, "The way we worked is that you drove me mad!"

Bohr retorts that the paper contained a fundamental error. This infuriates Heisenberg and then he tries to explain to his old mentor how correct his paper on the uncertainty principle actually was.

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle scene
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Heisenberg and his Uncertainty Principle

Craig stands from dinner table, furious.

HEISENBERG: ... I shatter the objective universe around you -- and all you can say is there's an error in the formulation!

Craig pushes Annis into orbit.

HEISENBERG: Listen! Copenhagen is an atom. Margrethe is its nucleus. About right, the scale? Ten thousand to one?

Craig switches out the lights.

HEISENBERG: Now, Bohr's an electron. He's wandering about the city somewhere in the darkness, no one knows where.

Craig holds up lighted torch.

HEISENBERG: He's here, he's there, he's everywhere and no where....

Rea caught in torch light

HEISENBERG: ... I'm a photon. A quantum of light. I'm dispatched into the darkness to find Bohr.... And I succeed ... Look - he's been slowed down, he's been deflected!...

Rea grabs torch and shines it at Craig.

BOHR: But, Heisenberg, Heisenberg! You also have been deflected!...





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