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  Niels Bohr in front of chalkboardNiels Bohr Biography

Margrethe BohrMargrethe Bohr Biography

Werner HeisenbergWerner Heisenberg Biography

Hiroshima atomic bomb blastThe Moral Dilemma of the Bomb

Bohr letter to HeisenbergThe Bohr Letters

"The central event in Copenhagen, playwright Michael Frayn explains, "is a real one."

"Heisenberg did go to Copenhagen in 1941, and there was a meeting with Bohr... He almost certainly went to dinner at the Bohrs' house," Frayn adds, "and the two men almost certainly went for a walk to escape from any possible microphones, though there is some dispute about even these simple matters. The question of what they actually said to each other is even more disputed."

Though the details of their famous meeting may be in dispute, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg are certainly well-documented historical persons, both very much a part of their times. They were intimately involved in the evolution of modern atomic physics. They survived not one but two devastating world wars, and they lived well into the 20th Century under the threat of the Cold War, a war chiefly fought with the terror of nuclear annihilation, whose basic scientific concepts they helped discover. Significant men, in significantly troubled times.

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