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Niels Bohr
Margarethe Bohr
Werner Heisenberg
The Moral Dilemma
The Bohr Letters
One of Bohr's letters to Heisenberg

Letters from the Niels Bohr Archive

Opening Letter 

Why the Bohr family in February of 2002 decided to publish the documents.

"The family of Niels Bohr has decided to release all documents deposited at the Niels Bohr Archive, either written or dictated by Niels Bohr, pertaining specifically to the meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg in September 1941. There are in all eleven documents..."

View the entire document at the Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen website:

Document Description 

Introductory remarks as to the nature of the documents, including their possible dates and circumstances surrounding their creations.

"The material, covering the period from 1957 to 1962, is presented in high-resolution black-and-white facsimile reproductions of the original documents, original-language transcriptions and English translations..."

View the entire document at the Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen website:

Do they Reveal Anything New?  

Finn Aaserud, Director of the Niels Bohr Archive in Copenhagen believes the documents do shed new light on the 1941 meeting, but with reservations.

" was Bohr's definite impression that Heisenberg simply informed him - in general terms - of the existence of a German atomic bomb project and his own involvement in it...."

View the entire document at the Graduate Center, CUNY website:




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