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Old Settler
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Debbie Allen: The Director In-Depth



Working With My Sister

"Phylicia wanted to play Elizabeth. Phylicia is the older of us and...

...both our personalities are parallel to the characters we play.

Phylicia is the more restrained one and I am the one who is known as being more gregarious, loud, and colorful. It was pretty obvious to us who should play what part."


Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen
Phylicia Rashad as Elizabeth and Debbie Allen as Quilly


Filling the Supporting Roles

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Husband and Elizabeth Meet (still)

Bumper Robinson as Husband in the scene in which he first meets Elizabeth


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Crystal Fox as Lou Bessie

Crystal Fox as Lou Bessie. The video clip shows her barging into Elizabeth & Quilly's apartment


"There were many people who auditioned [for the part of Husband] that were very good, but Bumper Robinson gave me the necessary strain of innocence, vulnerability and manliness at the same time. He was able to convey 'country' without being a buffoon, without leaning on it. And I could see him with Phylicia.

I kept thinking of that first moment when they see each other, what that must feel like.

There's always a certain degree of physical attraction between people and the rest either happens or it doesn't."

"There was no question about who should play Lou Bessie. Crystal Fox brought to the role something that was really needed. Lou Bessie could easily come across as evil, crass, and self-serving. But we needed her to be seen as a young woman who is stuck between a rock and a hard place...

...someone whose circumstances have really etched out an edge in her language and in her seemingly aggressive and bodacious nature.

She is desperate to solve her personal problems -- being with child, and with a man who doesn't love her the way she loves him."


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