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Old Settler
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The Written Word
The Look
The Shoot
The Camera
After the Shoot

Director Role & Bio

The DP In-Depth

The Production Designer In-Depth

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The Director: In Her Own Words - Debbie Allen

The Written Word

Choosing the Source

Working With the Screenwriter

Capturing the Period



The Look

My Initial Vision

Designing Hair & Makeup

Developing the Costumes




Working With My Sister

Filling the Supporting Roles



The Shoot

Approaching a Scene

Facing Money & Time Constraints

Pacing the Shoot

Directing the Actors




The Camera

Designing My Own Shots

Working With the Set

Using High-Definition Video



After the Shoot

Working With the Editor

Scoring the Film


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Debbie Allen

The Director at Work

"A good director has a vision of what they want the movie to look like, what they want to express, what moods to create. You're painting pictures with film -- with sound and light."

Introduction   |   The Written Word



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