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Old Settler
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Working With the Director
The Look
The Job of Lighting
Hi-Def Video
The Shoot

DP Role & Bio

The Director In-Depth

The Production Designer In-Depth

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The Director of Photography: In His Own Words, John Simmons

Working With the Director

Setting Up the Shots



The Look

Creating the Mood

Capturing the Period



The Job of Lighting

Leading the Lighting Crew

Lighting the Scene

Chopping the Light Up

The Dimmer Board



High-Definition Video

The Advantages of Using High-Definition

The Downsides to Using High-Definition



Design Roles

Preparing to Shoot

Taking Advantage of Shadows

Coordinating the Camera Crew

Working With the Jimmy Jib


Play Video - 56kPlay Video - 220k

John Simmons

The DP at Work

"The Director of Photography interprets the director's vision and gives a visual reality to the words that are on the page."

Introduction   |   Working With the Director



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