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Old Settler
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The Design Process
Building the Sets
The Look
Working With the Director
Design Roles

Designer Role & Bio

Director In-Depth

DP In-Depth

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The Production Designer: In His Own Words, John Iacovelli

The Design Process

Creating the Initial Drawings

Finding the Look and the Mood

Researching the Period

Builing Models of the Set



Building the Sets

Stretching the Budget

Making the Sets Feel Lived-In



The Look

Capturing the Period

Finding the Props

Avoiding Anachronisms

Making the Sets Look Old

Making the Apartment Set Feel Real

Working With the DP

Working With High-Def Video



Working With the Director

Bringing Experience to the Project

Keeping Up With the Schedule

Pulling from Debbie & Phylicia's Memories



Design Roles

Managing the Process

Working With the Art Director

Working With the Set Decorator


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John Iacovelli

The Production Designer at Work

"Production designers create dreams and fantastical places. We've created this fantasy of a 1943 Harlem apartment, and it's all just wood and plastic. We have a very convincing illusion going."

Introduction   |   The Design Process



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