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The Old Settler
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In their own words...
The building block of any dramatic production is the scene. Here are two scenes from The Old Settler -- one intimate and one grand in scale -- which are examined by those who were instrumental in creating them. By reading their comments, and comparing two edited versions of the scene at the Savoy Ballroom, you may find valuable insight into how such artful moments are devised and executed.



Debbie Allen as Quilly
Quilly's Reverie
"I would say that The Old Settler is about growing old, about being lonely, about women. I think that Quilly is terribly afraid of being alone. She feels deserted by everyone."
-- Screenwriter Shauneille Perry

Husband and Lu Bessie
The Savoy Ballroom
"When Husband enters The Savoy, you should feel kind of excited and maybe a little frightened. Here's this country boy entering this special place. I looked at a lot of stills of the actual ballroom when it was empty and that was the first time I had a feeling of the expansive physical space of it."
-- Editor Lillian Benson

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