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The Old Settler
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Savoy Ballroom Scene Study

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Quilly's Reverie: Key Scene Study


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Edwin Schiernecker, Gaffer

Edwin Schiernecker 
"Quilly's scene was backlit to make it a little more intimate and dramatic, with one key light coming in very softly so her face was softly lit, with a little bit of front fill to smooth out the face and minimize the wrinkles. And an eye light -- a little dot in the eyes which makes the eyes twinkle and makes the face come alive."


Quilly's scene is made more dramatic with lighting


Simon Edery, Producer

Phylicia Rashad as Elizabeth


Simon Edery 
"Phylicia said, 'I would love to shoot this show in sequence' [in the order they take place in the film.] It's practically impossible. You have to have a lot of money and a lot of time to do that. She wanted to do it because emotionally it's easier for an actor when there is a psychological progression in her character. I tried to schedule her scenes in sequence as much as possible. Four or five days it was in sequence and then we had a scene completely out of sequence. Quilly's revelation scene just fell where it fell."


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