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Old Settler
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Site Map

Home Page
   Production Timeline - Flash Version
   Production Timeline - HTML Version
In-Depth Interviews
      The Director: Debbie Allen - Overview
         The Written Word
         The Look
         The Shoot
         The Camera
         After the Shoot
      The Director of Photography: John Simmons - Overview
         Working with the Director
         The Look
         The Job of Lighting
         High-Definition Video
         The Shoot
      The Production Designer: John Iacovelli - Overview
         The Design Process
         Building the Sets + Tour of the Sets
         The Look
         Working with the Director
         Design Roles
Key Scene Studies
      Quilly's Reverie
         Interviews Page One
         Interviews Page Two
         From the Edit Bay
      Savoy Ballroom
         Interviews Page One
         Interviews Page Two
         From the Edit Bay
Production Roles
      The Director
      The Producer
      The Screenwriter
      The Production Designer
      The Costume Designer
      The Director of Photography
      The Gaffer
      The Actor
      The Makeup Artist
      The Editor
About the Show
   Synopsis of The Old Settler
   Stage Performance History
   Interview with the Playwright
   Harlem in the 40's
   Cast & Crew
   Site Credits
   Glossary of Production Terms
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Home Timeline Interviews Key Scenes Roles About the Show Glossary Feedback Site Map