Watch PBS in early May for "Battle of Hood and Bismarck," a two-hour documentary weaving together the expedition with a history of the famed battle between the Hood and the Bismarck. (check local listings).

A voyage into the past
In July 2001, Channel4 and ITN launched an expedition to find the wreck of the Hood - a British warship sunk during WW2. Read what happened during this extraordinary voyage into the past.

Pictures from the icy deep

See the stunning images of the Hood, shot 3000 metres under the icy North Atlantic. These pictures are the first ever to be taken since she sank in 1941.

The Battle of the Atlantic Strait
For 20 years, the Hood was the pride of the Royal Navy. The Nazi German Bismarck was a feat of engineering, and a challenge to British supremacy at sea. Read what happened when these two great ships met.

3000 metres under the ocean
How do you find a ship, 3000 metres under the sea? Cold, darkness and immense water pressure make it extremely difficult. Read how advanced technology and the unique skills of the team made this expedition possible.
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