Eating Up Easter
May 25, 10 PM
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Eating Up Easter

  • BY Sergio Rapu and Elena Rapu | IN Climate Change
    Premieres May 25, 2020

About the Film

More than just a picture postcard of iconic stone statues, Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is a microcosm of a planet in flux. Native Rapanui grapple with a booming tourism trade that brings in money - and waste - and a changing climate that threatens the fragile ecology on the island. Rapanui filmmakers Sergio Mata’u Rapu and Elena Rapu give voice to his fellow islanders, featuring artists, ecologists, and developers who balance their strong cultural heritage with modern-day challenges. Though it is the most remote inhabited island in the world, Rapa Nui reflects the clash between growth and sustainability faced by communities worldwide.

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