An All-Native Crew
Production crewThe production crew at work

In these two documentaries, the stories of contemporary Native Americans are being told by contemporary Native Americans. Everyone on the film crew — from the hosts and executive producers to the camera and sound technicians — were Native Americans.

Mark Anthony Rolo (Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe) — Narrator/host of A Seat at the Drum

Mark Anthony Rolo

Mark Anthony Rolo is the narrator/host of A Seat at the Drum. He is also a journalist and writer. You can see an example of Mark Anthony's fiction writing here (pdf). Mr. Rolo is the former Executive Director of the Native American Journalists Association. He edited the second edition of The American Indian and the Media, a collection of essays from Native journalists covering Indian Country. He is the former Washington Bureau Chief for the national weekly newspaper Indian Country Today, and former Editor of The Circle, a newspaper based in Minneapolis.

LeAnne Howe (Choctaw) — Narrator/host of Spiral of Fire

LeAnne Howe

LeAnne Howe is the narrator/host of Spiral of Fire and an award-winning author and playwright. Born and educated in Oklahoma, she writes fiction, creative non-fiction, plays, poetry and screenplays that explore American Indian experiences. You can see an example of LeAnne's writing here (pdf) . Shell Shaker, Ms. Howe's first novel, won an American Book Award for 2002 from the Before Columbus Foundation. She is currently an associate professor in the American Indian Studies program and English department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Frank Blythe (Eastern Band of Cherokee/Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota) — Executive Producer

Mr. Blythe is a founder and Executive Director of Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT), a major national producer and distributor of Native American film, video and radio programming.

Carol Patton Cornsilk (Cherokee) — Executive Producer/Producer

Ms. Cornsilk is President of Adanvdo Vision, Inc., which co-produced Indian Country Diaries. Cornsilk was formerly Assistant Director - Programming and Production for NAPT. She served as Senior Producer/Director at Nashville Public Television and Producer/Director at KLRU/Austin before joining NAPT in 2000.

Phil Lucas (Choctaw) — Senior Producer

Mr. Lucas is founder and President of Phil Lucas Productions, Inc., one of the first native-owned production companies in the United States. In a career that spans four decades, he has written, produced and directed more than 80 projects, including feature films, television series and documentaries.

Hanay Geiogamah (Kiowa) — Senior Producer

Mr. Geiogamah is a writer, director and producer with 30 years experience working in American Indian performing arts, theater, media and culture. He is Professor of Theater at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and Artistic Director of the American Indian Dance Theater.

Other Show Credits

Other production credits for A Seat at the Drum include Sam Hurst, producer/writer; Karin Williams, field producer; and Diana Wilmar, director of photography.

Other production credits for Spiral of Fire include Pamila Belgarde, field producer; Larry Pourier, field producer; and James M. Fortier, director of photography. Carol Patton Cornsilk directed and edited the program.

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