Native Humor Lesson Plan

National Standards

All standards are from McREL's compendium of national standards:

Understands influences on and perspectives of Native American life in the late 19th century (e.g., how the admission of new western states affected relations between the United States and Native American societies; leadership and values of Native American leaders; depiction of Native Americans and whites by 19th century artists) (Standard 19, IV, 3)

Understand the image of new cultural movements on American society in the 1920's (e.g., how the creation of national parks affected Native American culture) (Standard 22, IV, 4)

Understand scientific and technological developments in America after World War II (e.g., and how they improved the standard of living and changed demographic patterns) (Standard 26, Level IV, 1)

Understand the socioeconomic factors of the post-World War II period in America (e.g., the gap between poverty and the rising affluences of the middle class, the extent of poverty in post-World War II) (Standard 26, Level IV, 3)

Understand the various influences on American culture (e.g., how ethnic art, food, music, and clothing are incorporated into mainstream culture and society) (Standard 31, III, 4)

Understand how different groups attempted to achieve their goals (e.g., the grievances of racial and ethnic minorities and their reference to the nation's charter documents to rectify past injustices, local community efforts to adapt facilities for the disabled)  (Standard 31, III, 5)

Understand major contemporary social issues and the groups involved (e.g., continuing debates over multiculturalism, bilingual education, and group identity and rights vs. individual rights and identity) (Standard 31, IV, 5)

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