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BEYOND THE BORDER - Más Allá de la Frontera

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The Brothers

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Andrea and Marcelo
Andrea and Marcelo

Marcelo Ayala

In June 1998, 17-year old Marcelo Ayala left his home in Michoacan, Mexico, and, following the path of his older brothers, crossed the border to find work in the United States. He lives in Kentucky and works at a premiere location for raising and breeding thoroughbreds. There he falls for Andrea, a Venezuelan flamenco dancer, whose family dreams of opening a restaurant.
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Update on Marcelo
Marcelo is now participating in a local community theater group and is helping to write and act in a play about border-crossing stories. He has recently started a new job doing house renovations, and dreams of getting his band back together again. Marcelo and Andrea broke up after the completion of the film. Andrea did open a restaurant in downtown Lexington and performs every weekend with her salsa band. Marcelo has a new girlfriend and she is from his hometown in Mexico. Marcelo attended the 2000 Kentucky Derby and watched one of the horses he works with, Fusaichi Pegasus, win the race.

Horacio Ayala

Horacio, the second youngest brother, moved to Versailles, Kentucky with his wife, Reina, who was pregnant at the time. They came to the U.S. hoping that she'd receive better health care and to make money for the family. Horacio also works in the thoroughbred horseracing industry. Horacio and Marcelo seek refuge in the growing Hispanic community. They formed a Mexican pop band called "Sueno Latino," and they often play at dances and weddings.
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Update on Horacio
Since filming was completed Horacio continues to work at a prestigious thoroughbred horse farm. He and his brother, Marcelo, had to sell their musical instruments and are no longer enjoying the pleasures of being in a band together.

Juan and Patricia
Juan and Patricia
Juan Ayala

The second oldest brother, Juan, left Mexico at 14 to support his parents and younger siblings. In the United States, he fell in love with Patricia, an American, and they married when she was only 15. They have three children, none of whom can speak Spanish. Because of the eldest brother Gonzalo's alcoholism, Juan has taken on the role of "father" for the family, and has helped his brothers settle in Kentucky. Juan also works on a horse farm, owned by the Sheik of Dubai. Like his siblings, Juan has a great yearning to return to Mexico and reunite with the family he left behind.
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Update on Juan
Juan continues to work at Gainsboro Farm. His eldest daughter, Christy, is starting to study Spanish in an attempt to become connected to her Mexican roots. He is looking forward to having a year long sabbatical, which his employer provides every 10 years. He hopes to travel across South America and visit his parents and sisters in Mexico.

Gonzalo Ayala

Gonzalo is the oldest brother, whose sense of self-worth has been strained by an addiction to alcohol. Gonzalo spent two months in jail, lost in the judicial system, because of driving under the influence. Recently returned from Chicago, where he participated in a rehabilitation program, he moved to Kentucky to be closer to his brothers, where he started drinking again. He works in the horseracing industry and speaks of the economic barriers and racial discrimination faced by new immigrants.
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Update on Gonzalo
Just after filming, Gonzalo made a spiritual journey to Mexico to become reacquainted with his family. He was sober and attended the well-respected Alcoholics Anonymous of his hometown. (AA in Mexico tends to have better recovery rates than groups in the U.S.) Unfortunately, Gonzalo returned to the USA and started drinking again. He is now unemployed, looking for work, and trying to get his life back on track.

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