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Caught in the Crossfire


The People

On the surface, Ahmed Nasser, Raghida Dergham and Khader El-Yateem don't have much in common. They are immigrants from different countries, working in different professions, living in different parts of New York City. What ties them together is that they are Arab Americans struggling to cope in the aftermath of the September 11terrorist attacks.

Ahmed Nasser

  "Some people think that all Arab Americans should apologize for what happened here. If that's going to make a difference, then I do apologize. After September 11, a lot of people grew curious and began to ask questions.... In fact, people from my own country were asking me, 'Are you the first Arab American ever to become a cop?"

Find out more about New York City police officer Ahmed Nasser.

Raghida Dergham

  "It was tough after September 11. The American public was only thinking, 'Oh my God, these Arabs are after us.'"

Learn about diplomatic correspondent Raghida Dergham.
Father Khader El-Yateem  "I feel like all of us are people in exile and God calls me to be here. It's like being a prophet to people in exile, to remind them about who they are and their faith. I never expected that the work of a prophet would be this demanding or this complicated. The requirements are sometimes overwhelming."

Read about Father Khader El-Yateem, a Lutheran minister in Brooklyn.

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